Sister Group for the Lighthouse Policy Group

Picture of Spinnaker TowerAs our members gather next week for our latest Lighthouse Policy Group meeting at the University of Portsmouth, I have been reflecting on how valuable the group has been. So valuable in fact that I am investigating the possibility of a sister group with colleagues who lead on student experience in institutions across the sector.

The sister group would operate similarly to the Lighthouse Policy Group (LPG); where, around twice a year, members get together for an evening and the following day at a volunteer member’s institution. The aim of these meetings is primarily to network, but also to discuss ideas, outlook, and, most importantly, best practice.


I am hosting an initial meeting at Portsmouth on the 14th of July for those that would be interested in joining this new group, and I should add, straight off, that, like the LPG, there would be no joining fees. Members simply have to fund their own travel and accommodation for the one or two meetings a year.

The LPG meetings and mailing list have been very valuable for networking and discussing common issues. I hope the sister group will do the same for Student Experience colleagues. The LPG website and twitter account have also been valuable for giving us an outward face on the world. Our membership has certainly grown now that we have the website, and I wonder if members find that they are contacted through it – as I often am?

Next week I look forward to discussing the future of the LPG in Portsmouth, and in July I hope colleagues from across the sector will agree to setting up the sister group.

Harriet Dunbar-Morris, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Portsmouth

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